Cloud Solutions

There’s no doubt that cloud computing is the right option for some organisations and certain applications, but how do you know which, or when to deploy? Is public, private, hybrid or on-premise best for your business?


Our cloud back-up service offers secure, unrivaled flexibility and is a scalable virtual back-up environment ideal for businesses looking for cost efficiencies in holding large amount of data.


Whether you’re interested in moving your entire solution to a secure cloud environment or just want to take advantage of cloud scalability, we have a dedicated cloud solution that’s perfect for your business.

Disaster Recovery

Our datacentres are staffed 24x7x365 and purpose built for maximum uptime and protection, with 100% power uptime guarantee, we have disaster prevention covered.

Are Cloud Solutions right for you?

The concept is simple and attractive – offering access to enterprise applications and services typically beyond the budget of many smaller businesses. Upfront investment is low, capital expenditure can be shifted to operational, and staff are freed up to concentrate of core business responsibilities. However before taking the plunge it is vital to understand the advantages and potential pitfalls for your business.

It makes good business sense to consider cloud computing, however, understanding the correct type of deployment for an organisation can be daunting. That is where Absolute Networks can help.

We believe when used appropriately and wisely, cloud computing can play a big part in helping clients improve inefficiencies, drive down cost, and improve agility. That’s why picking the right services to move to a cloud based proposition is of vital importance – whether it be a full migration, or as is more commonly the case a hybrid solution.

By adopting a best-practice approach to your business needs, our consultants take the time to understand where and how cloud can assist your business. We analyse then recommend the most appropriate solution.

With access to a host of cloud and connectivity solutions, Absolute will ensure a move to the cloud will bring benefits to your organisation.