We love technology at Absolute Networks! We’re often sharing our latest insights into what’s on the horizon in the office so we thought we’d air these to our followers. With an exciting year ahead for tech releases and innovation we’ll be bringing you a regular summary of the most recent top tech news so you can easily stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

1. Microsoft Embracing ChatGPT

If you’ve not yet heard of or even used OpenAI’s GPT, where have you been? Ironically, a quick Google of ‘ChatGPT’ and little did you know it’s probably your last ‘Google’. Released to the public last month but set to revolutionise the way we search the internet the tech big players are quickly looking forward to how they can ride on the shoulders of this technology integrating it into their existing platforms.

This week we heard reports that Microsoft have been exploring building OpenAI’s language AI technology into its Word, PowerPoint and Outlook apps. AI autocomplete in Word, AI written emails based on a simple command and finding lost emails in Outlook without keywords, anyone? Yes, please!

Does this mark the start of the race to GPT-powered products and workflows? Watch out Google, your LaMDA is lagging behind!

2. Digital Pound

The BBC reported this week that the UK government is considering introducing a national cryptocurrency or digital pound. The concern being ensuring this would be a ‘stablecoin’ with a predictable value linked to traditional currencies or assets such as gold. The rapid decline in Bitcoin has heightened worry about introducing a digital pound so the government will be looking to implement the necessary balances and regulation.

3. Tech companies feeling the economic ripple

Several big tech companies are feeling the economic downturn: cloud CRM leader, Salesforce, have announced that they’ll be laying off 10% of its employees and British cyber-security company, Darktrace, has adjusted down its annual revenue forecast citing conversion rates especially amongst smaller business as the culprit. These big players in the business tech industry rely on the ability of smaller business to buy their products so with a turbulent economic forecast ahead we wonder which other big names will be feeling the effect this year.

4. Rocket takes off from the UK for the first time

Finally, we couldn’t release a tech summary without acknowledging the technological milestone for British space industry that was the UK’s first rocket satellite launch! Although the mission ended in failure to reach orbit on this occasion due to an ‘anomaly’, Space Forge, the company behind the launch, undeterred, are expecting to launch ForgeStar-1 later this year.

Published On: January 17th, 2023Categories: News