Absolute Networks have been helping clients across the UK since 2003. Based in Derby we work in a range of sectors including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, education, construction, retail and engineering.  Providing the highest levels of IT support and project management, to small, medium and large companies. We aim to take on the administrative and technical burden of managing your IT infrastructure allowing you to focus on the core business requirements.

Absolute Networks has over twenty years’ experience providing customer service, systems support and product supply in the Information Technology market.  We’re here to help, we’ve designed, installed and supported IT systems within 30 different industries. We want to enable clients to focus on their core business activities while we help provide the technical platform to achieve their business goals.

To attract and retain customers with highly valued IT services and the most satisfying customer experience, with a focus on warmth, efficiency and integrity.  We believe in working closely with customers to gain a sound understanding of your specific business and requirements enabling us to tailor solutions that directly meet your business needs. Our commitment to supporting our clients means that we will always endeavour to provide them with the best advice, service and pricing possible.