The lowest of the low! Cyber criminals see UK charities as easy pickings.

Here’s why charities are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks:

  1. Regularly handle donations
  2. Hold sensitive and valuable information
  3. Precious finances and resources are focussed on front-line charitable work over enhancing cyber security
  4. Charities are more likely to rely on staff using personal IT (Bring Your Own Device) which is less easy to secure and manage then centrally issued IT
  5. The impact of any cyber attack on a charity might be particularly high as charities often have limited funds, minimal insurance coverage and, by their very nature, are a supplier of last resort providing services where there is insufficient government or affordable private sector alternatives

Source: Cyber threat report: UK charity sector – January 2023 (National Cyber Security Centre) Read the full report here

Absolute Networks Ltd can help mitigate these issues! We can put protections in place, provide staff training, share knowledge and understanding with the charity’s board and help you become Cyber Essentials certified.

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Published On: April 25th, 2023Categories: Security