Protecting Networks, Computers and Data

Absolute Networks can put in place technologies, processes and measures designed to protect your IT systems, networks and data from cyber crimes.


Every business is at risk of Cyber Attack.  Some attacks are directed as specific targets but more attacks are opportunistic where hackers are searching for easy targets.  Everyone in your organisation must understand the value of the data that they use and possess and how to protect it from attack.  It is extremely important that systems connected to the internet are kept fully patched and updated.


Absolute Networks can provide you with a snapshot of your current IT set-up, the risks you are exposed to and the opportunities available for improvement.


Backups of your systems and data are extremely important.  If you are subject to a cyber attack then it is vital that you have a backup.  Our cloud back-up service offers secure, unrivaled flexibility and is a scalable virtual back-up environment ideal for businesses looking for cost efficiencies in holding large amount of data

Your Security is Our Priority

Absolute Networks will work with you on the implementation of effective cyber security systems to reduce your companies risk of a cyber attack.  This helps protect against deliberate exploitation of your systems, networks and computers.