The process

Absolute Remote Support is a proactive IT support service. Following the initial setup and baseline configuration, your network will be monitored from our operations center in Derby. Your systems will appear on a network map, monitored by our support technicians.


Substantially reduce the time to diagnose and resolve issues and minimise the need for on-site support.


Improved network performance and reliability resulting in a reduction in unscheduled network downtime.


Access to a broader and deeper technical knowledge base. Our engineers always work to 'best practice' standard. As a result we deliver the right technology in the right way.

Why Finding The Right IT Support Partner Shouldn't Be That Hard

We understand the challenge our customers face in trying to run an IT system as well as their business. They need a supplier they can rely on, that does what they say and when they say they’ll do it.

Although it doesn’t sound too much to ask, we often find businesses have stuck with an inferior service from their previous IT supplier through fear of further disruption by changing.

That’s why we focus on making IT work for you – by helping you make the move to a supplier who does what they say.

We offer support on a broad range of hardware and software. From single small business servers to large enterprise networks.

Because we don’t ask for long-term commitments, just use us for what you need. Let us advise you on your procurement decisions. Call us when you have a problem. We’ll fix it, advise on any necessary remedial work, and then make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Simple really.

We offer trustworthy and reliable IT support. We’ll always put your needs first. Don’t just take our word for it, speak to one of our many customers with businesses just like yours and see why finding a reliable IT support partner doesn’t have to be that difficult.