The Challenge

When DWT approached Absolute Networks in 2018 with a tender opportunity, they were looking for an IT support company who would work closely with key members of staff to provide expertise and streamline and support their IT infrastructure. There were several opportunities for improvement identified when Absolute became the incumbent IT support provider:

  • Network performance, reliability issues and access to data was problematic.
  • Asset management systems were not benefiting from current technologies.
  • The provisioning and maintenance of devices was incohesive and the management of remote devices was complicated.
  • Security policies needed updating to the latest industry recommended standards.

The Absolute Solution

Initially Absolute Networks liaised with key members of DWT’s team to support them and implement improvements to their IT systems:

  • A priority was stabilisation of the network and resolution of reliability issues; a new server was installed and workloads were migrated by Absolute Networks.
  • DWT’s devices were onboarded to Microsoft Intune so that devices can be managed from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Microsoft autopilot was implemented to ensure that devices are provisioned consistently.

Moving to the Cloud

Absolute Networks are working closely with DWT’s management to proficiently move the charity’s IT systems to the cloud using M365 ensuring the best processes and outcomes for DWT. This has already brought multiple benefits to the charity:

  • Streamlining of the server-based filing system by migrating to SharePoint,
  • Self-service password reset,
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) deployment,
  • Device management enabling auto-configuration of new devices,
  • Development of a functional intranet using SharePoint sites, and
  • Automatic VPN connection.

Fully Managed IT

As trust in the relationship grew and Absolute Networks’ added value was proven, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust moved to a Fully Managed IT Service with direct 1st line user support. This service is a comprehensive service; we have become DWT’s outsourced IT department. DWT get the best of both worlds; highly skilled IT professionals with a wealth of varied experience without the cost and hassle of recruiting their own internal team.

Continuing Development

We currently continue to work with DWT to improve their security systems and compliance with the Cyber Essentials framework.

The development of technology never stands still and neither do we. We will continue to work with DWT to manage their continuing move to the cloud, streamline and secure their systems and provide first-rate day-to-day user support.

“We have found the ongoing support, advice and guidance from Absolute Networks to be based on sound knowledge and experience. Our move to cloud technologies has been managed professionally and efficiently. The outsourced IT model undoubtedly saves us time and money; we simply couldn’t buy the level of skill and understanding we receive at the same price by employing our own people. For a charity, such as us, the remote Fully Managed IT Service from Absolute Networks is ideal. We look forward to working with Absolute to develop our IT infrastructure further.”

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