The Challenge

When the management at Frame Fast UK approached Absolute Networks in 2019, this forward-thinking company’s IT infrastructure was holding them back with frequent server outages and performance failings. In this time-critical industry unreliable applications were resulting in a loss of crucial productivity.

The incumbent IT support provider was inactive in finding solutions for these critical issues which were impacting Frame Fast’s ability to advance.

The Absolute Solution

We believe IT should be a facilitator for business success, not a hindrance. Absolute Networks are committed to continuous improvement and proactively finding the best solutions to enable the smooth and efficient running of your business.

When Absolute were appointed by Frame Fast UK to take over the management of their IT infrastructure their dedicated Absolute IT Manager listened to their grievances and focussed on implementing solutions to the issues which were immediately impacting on productivity:

  • End-of-life server equipment was replaced which promptly solved previous availability and performance problems caused by out-of-date hardware.
  • Desktop and laptop performance was standardised and optimised.
  • Email servers were migrated to Microsoft 365 providing growth capacity and unrivalled features and applications.
  • Support response times were reduced significantly.
  • A legacy phone system which was unfit for purpose was transferred to a modern feature-rich 3CX phone system. This provided flexibility for working behaviour and growth capacity whilst significantly reducing costs.
  • Absolute implemented a managed leased line solution which dramatically improved Frame Fast’s connectivity speed and reliability. Frame Fast was incurring hefty usage charges through their regular broadband connection and suffering frequent connection interruptions.

Frame Fast now have all their IT, phone and connectivity services fully managed by Absolute Networks giving them a cost-efficient joined-up approach.

Continuing Development

As Frame Fast UK grow and open new sites, they are prepared with their Absolute Fully Managed Solution which is facilitating a seamless and smooth expansion of services.

Going forward Absolute Networks and Frame Fast are planning for the development of cyber security and cloud-based service adoption.

“Before working with the team at Absolute Networks we were battling out-of-date IT systems. Absolute Networks have led us through a transformation of our IT infrastructure. We have found Absolute to always be friendly, professional, prompt and knowledgeable. We look forward to continuing to work with them to develop our systems and would highly recommend the Absolute Team to other businesses.”

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