The Challenge

Forward-thinking Grenade UK were making a progressive move to new offices and so came the desire for a progressive IT infrastructure too. The move of location which brought the removal of server infrastructure meant a solution was necessary to replace the traditional VPN and physical domain controller and file server. Grenade’s traditional infrastructure required manual configuration of the VPN, Windows 10 devices, file services and security policies which allowed for inconsistencies and without substantial investment, limited growth.

This innovative company called for a scalable, reliable and agile IT system. Thus, two moves were in order: location and on-premise to the cloud.

The Absolute Solution

The Absolute Networks Technical Team assessed Microsoft Azure (IaaS) as the perfect cloud solution for Grenade due to its integration with Azure Active Directory which was already being used to manage their Microsoft 365 environment.

Azure Files was used to redeploy the file server bringing increased redundancy and scalability of file storage. Azure Gateway replaced the VPN server and Windows Autopilot brought a remote single sign-on process and a seamless remote working solution. Device configuration and connections could now be automated with Endpoint Manager.

This cloud-based solution brought with it a host of benefits, including, the end of physical server infrastructure investment and increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Continuing Development

Now the Microsoft Azure platform is in place this offers opportunities to further develop Grenade’s IT beyond replication of the previous environment. Azure’s disaster recovery tools will be utilised to build a superior DR solution with services located in separate geographical locations.

Absolute Networks’ experienced technical consultants can take your business to the cloud ensuring you invest wisely in a future-proof solution with scalability, reliability and agility. There’s no looking back when the sky’s the limit.

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